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GVC Capital

At GVC, we are looking for quality, high-growth microcap companies in order to establish a long-term financing relationship. While others have recently exited the microcap market, we continue to see great opportunity in focusing on capital raising in the microcap market.

GVC is ideally structured to provide its services to microcap companies throughout the entire capital formation process. Our principals and their associates in the Corporate Finance division are highly experienced in raising private and public debt and equity for the microcap market.    To learn more about GVC Capital CLICK HERE. 



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Trickle Research LLC

Our mission at Trickle Research is to provide our subscribers with proprietary research and analysis on emerging opportunities both public and private.  In the public arena those criteria are generally found among the microcap and small cap sectors of the equity markets, but that certainly is not always the case.  In the private equity space, we look for early stage opportunities with an industry agnostic approach.  As our name implies, while we certainly look for opportunities in the early stage of development, we also view illiquidity as another potentially positive criteria.  We recognize that may be a rather unorthodox approach, but in general, our view is that the requirement for asset liquidity has become so dominant that it has added premiums (apparent or otherwise) to the prices of those “liquid” assets.  Put another way, one of the best places to find value may be among investments focused on long term returns rather than on near term liquidity.   To learn more about Trickle Research CLICK HERE.