On October 9, 2018, we will be holding Rocky Mountain Microcap Conference III.  The Conference will be held at the Ameristar Casino Resort Spa in Blackhawk, Colorado.  The agenda will be limited to just 13 public microcap companies.  The companies will present on a single track and each will be allotted a 25-minute presentation slot.  We hope to attract approximately 65-75 microcap investors, institutions and bankers who are close associates, clients and/or Trickle Research subscribers. Our spring conference had around 80 investor attendees).  We believe we will once again assemble a group of highly relevant microcap centric attendees.

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Following the conference, we will have a cocktail reception to enable investors and presenters some time to talk one-on-one.  Thereafter, we will host a Texas Hold’em tournament that will be open to investors, presenters and sponsors.  We have held these tournaments at some past conferences, and they have been quite popular amongst conference participants. Here again, we think they provide an opportunity for investors and presenters to interact on a more relaxed personal level.  There are also several restaurants on the Ameristar property, and we will attempt to arrange dinners for presenters/investors who may be more inclined to do that rather than play poker.